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Take back control of your surroundings, time, paper, and life. Home organization doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but it can be learned. Simplified Designs has been helping people get organized and stay organized for years. The key to success is to develop systems and solutions that work for you, which you can sustain successfully from month to month and year to year. Whether you are looking to de-clutter, simplify or streamline, Simplified Designs can help you implement the right home organization solution.

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Schedule time with an organizational consultant to help you get started.  Our consultants will help you determine where to begin and how to reach your goals.

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We will help you come up with an easy to follow plan to help you get organized.  Our plans are focused and designed to help you succeed.

Online Training & Webinars

We have a series of online webinars and tutorials to help you with your organizational projects.  Coming soon!


“I can’t believe it took us this long to make a change. So happy that we did.

Susan Smith, Homeowner






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